Pastor’s Page for 5/22/11: Directories, VBS Registration and the Lord’s supper

   I’m glad to report that our pictorial directories were delivered to the church on Wednesday afternoon. We will have a table set up on the organ side of the sanctuary for you to come by and pick up your directory.  We will need to mark your name as having received your directory.  After a quick review of the directory on Wednesday, they appear to be good. 

  We’re starting pre-registration for Vacation Bible School (VBS) this Sunday for all age groups including adults.  I will be leading the adults in a study on the Holy Spirit.   And then, on Saturday, June 4th (1:00 pm. ~2:30 pm.) we will have an open registration for the community which will include snow cones, cotton candy, balloons, lemonade and Christian art face painting for the children.   If you have grandchildren who might be interesting in enrolling in our VBS, please give them a call.  Our VBS team set an enrollment goal of 75!  Please remember to pray for Sandra Hodge (our VBS Director) and the adults who have agreed to teach and be helpers.  Ms. Callie Bridges, our associational youth worker, will be working with us the week of our Bible School (June 12-16, 6:30 pm~8:30 pm nightly). We look forward to Callie being with us and are thankful for the association to share her with us.

    We will observe the Lord’s Supper during the morning service today.  Since I will be away next Sunday (May 29) we moved the Lord’s Supper from the 5th Sunday to this Sunday.  There will be an evening service tonight.  In my absence next Sunday (May 29th), Dr. Jim Richardson will bring the morning message.  Being the 5th Sunday there will no evening service on the 29th.

   The dressing rooms for the baptistry have a new ceiling and repair to the walls and are ready for painting.  Hopefully, we will be able to do the painting ourselves.  We plan to begin replacing the ceiling tiles in the sanctuary soon.  I met with Interior Designs out of High Point on Wednesday to acquire an updated bid on pew refinishing and carpet replacement and optional new pew coverings.  I’ll give an update as to cost after receiving them from Interior Design (headquartered in High Point).

    Now, let’s worship our wonderful, awesome Savior!



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