North Carolina Missions Offering

    North Carolina Baptists change lives every day through ministries supported by the North Carolina Missions Offering.  Consider Mrs. Annie Mitchell.  A tornado took her house and her family.  NC Baptist Men volunteers built her a new house.  While they could not replace her family, some of the volunteers got to know Mrs. Mitchell personally, becoming a kind of extended Christian family to her.  “He’s looking out for me,” she said of David Earley, volunteer coordinator.  Volunteers also built houses for several other families near Colerain.

   After Hurricane Irene rained down random destruction along North Carolina’s coastal area last August, NC Baptist Men set up kitchens at Nags Head, New Bern, and Williamston.  They provided more than 200,000 meals to residents left without electricity for weeks.

Hundreds of volunteers worked in Greenville and other areas to clear downed trees and debris from homes, saving families thousands of dollars.

North Carolina Baptist volunteers responded to 19 significant disasters during 2011, a record year for disasters, completing 3,437 projects.

More than 3,100 people in North Carolina received free medical or dental care through two mobile clinics that treated people in 158 locations across the state during 2011.  Your NCMO contribution keeps these clinics on the road.  By giving to the North Carolina Missions Offering more lives will be radically transformed!

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