3/30/2014: Words from the Pastor…

    God blessed us immensely this past week through our revival meetings!  Dr. Minnix delivered some powerful and challenging messages for us as the body of Christ.  I want to thank each of you who worked so hard to make this past week a memorable one.  However, we want it to be more than just a memory.  My prayer is that it has recharged us spiritually to look beyond ourselves and our church walls to share the life-changing message of the Gospel.  As Dr. Minnix said on Wednesday evening, God blesses us so that we can take our blessings to those who are hurting, unsaved, and in need of the eternal hope that is only found in Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior!

    By the attendance we had last Sunday morning, you revealed to us that you do have friends.  Many of these, I’m sure, are saved and already have a church home.  However, I want you to think about the ones who filled your pews last Sunday who do not have a church home or saving relationship with the Lord.  Keep praying for them!  Invite them to worship with you again.  Share your witness and testimony with them.  Allow the overflow of the Spirit you received this week to flow into their lives!  And then, pray for the Lord to lay others upon your heart as well.  May God help us and empower us to take our mountain-top experience (as Dr. Minnix preached on Wednesday evening) to the valley of every day life! 

     May the Lord bless as we worship together today!

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