4/20/14, Happy Easter: From the Pastor’s Desk…

   Happy Easter!  Today we celebrate one of the two great miracles of our Christian faith—the bodily resurrection of Jesus from the grave.  The other is the incarnation of Christ.  The foundation of the Christian faith hinges on these two miracles. 

    I want to share with you this morning several evidences to support this historical event:

   1.  The first line of evidence is that of the four Gospels which report that on the Sunday after Jesus’ crucifixion, His tomb was found empty by several women, Peter, and the disciple John. 

  2. Another evidence supporting the resurrection was that after His death, Jesus appeared to hundreds of people under different circumstances at various times and places, bearing the physical marks of crucifixion on His body.  Early believers were convinced of Jesus’ resurrection because many people saw Him with their own eyes.  In I Corinthians 15:5-7, the apostle Paul noted that many of those witnesses were still alive.

  3.  A third line of evidence for the resurrection of Jesus is the personal transformation of His disciples.  The book of Acts describes the transformation of these terrified and cowardly men into bold proclaimers of a message of salvation through the risen Jesus.  Seeing the resurrection Lord transformed those early believers.

  4.  And, perhaps the best evidence of all is that of our own personal experience of the resurrected Lord in our lives!  The words of an old hymn put it in proper perspective for us:  “You ask me how I know he lives; he lives within my heart.”  Certainly, personal experience of the risen Christ brings assurance to each of us as believers.  We also know that Jesus lives because the Word of God declares it to be a fact.  The apostle Peter makes the following declaration in Acts 2:24:  “…it was not possible that death could keep its hold on him.”

     Let us rejoice and be glad on this Resurrection Day!!!

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