About Us

A mission committee consisting of Mr. Hugh Williams, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Clyde Gladden and Re. B.F. Auston, was appointed by Second Baptist Church to check out a vacant lot on York Road. The committee thought this would be a good place for a church. At that time the building for Eastside Baptist Church was was bought from Shady Grove for $1,000. The York Road Mission was organized into a Church on Sunday, October 7, 1951. Our Fellowship Building stands at this site at the present time. The first pastor, Rev R.L. Chaney, came frm the Burlington Mission, which was a branch from Second batptist Church. Along with Rev. Chaney, Rev. James E. Williams conducted some of the evening services. On July 28, 1957, the new Church was built on its present site, which is adjacent to the Fellowship Building.

Past pastors of Eastside Baptist Church are as follows:

Rev. R.L. Chaney, Rev. Don Wilson, Rev. Carl Greene, Rev. W.M. Helms, Rev. Thomas E. Moore, Jr., Rev. L.A. Faulkenbury, Rev. Darrell Cable, Rev. harry Vance, Rev. James E. Williams, Rev. Dale Thornburg and Rev. Eugene Land. Our present pastor is Rev. Ron A. Caulder who was called as pastor in December 2009.

Charter Members of Eastside Baptist Church are as follows:

Rev. R.L. Chaney, Pastor
Essie Bennett
Theodore Bennett
Mrs. Belvie Blackwell
Lela Bridgeman
Minnie Lee Bennett
Ozelle Brooks
Betty Brooks
B.T. Brooks
Vera Bridges
Patsy Brooks
Sue Brooks
William L. Bridges
Woodrow Bridges
Violet Bell
Peggy Wright
Eloise Cash
Curtis Bell
Barbara Bennett
Hazel Cash
Sherry Chaney
Doretha Chaney
Mrs. R.L. Chaney
Grady Chaney
Joey Chaney
Peggy Chaney
Loretta Chaney
Robert H. Chaney
Helen Chaney
Martha Sue Chaney
Thomas Dellinger
Francis Godfrey
Virginia Williams
Lucy Chaney
Howard Godfrey
Nora Humphries
Norma Howell
Brell Humphries
Tom Howell
Wilburn Kuykendall
Azzie Kinley
Margaret Kuykendall
Edith Millwood
Genell Pittman
Edna Putnam
Hellen Russell
Orville Sellers
Bernice Sellers
Addie Williams
James E. Williams

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